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Oh, then he records it and sells the videotapes back to them as souvenirs.170. 2 Sherilyn Fenn pretends to be raped by her ex-husband so her lover (Frank Grillo) will kill him. Mary Stuart Masterson’s psychiatrist Hendrix (who Stabler keeps flirting with) uses the girl’s drawings to find the abuser and it ends up being a rugby player at her school.168. 18 A pregnant woman’s dead body seems to link to a love triangle quarrel between a father (Stephen Collins) and a son (Matthew Davis).

Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh and Heavy D also show up.177. 4 A wife accuses her husband of abusing her daughter, then they detectives think it’s the stepfather, then the stepbrother, but in a signature twist of you-met-the-perp-in-the-beginning, it was the mom.176. 1 Stabler realizes he put the wrong rapist in prison when assaults with the same M. lead him to a serial rapist played by Mahershala Ali. 21 A murder investigation about teenage boys who fight each other on camera with florescent light bulbs leads to a teenager girl in foster care accused of statutory rape.

EADA Sonya Paxton screws up the trial when she shows up to court drunk and plays the wrong CGI-reenactment of the crime for the jury. Stabler goes to Prague with Pam Grier’s DA to find a young girl.157. 10 The 400th episode of ’s got murder, it’s got a mom with a secret, and a surprise during the trial.156. 16 A junior high student who might be a rape victim refuses to report the assault.

The detectives find out she’s in a club where girls trade sex favors for beer. ) She finally reveals her boyfriend’s best friend raped her.155. 17 Emily Deschanel plays an acclaimed cellist who is assaulted and later shot by a stalker who’s convinced they’re in love.

Check out the ranking below, then tell us your favorite episodes in the comments.200. 12 I honestly couldn’t care less what this episode is about. With a straight face Mariska Hargitay delivers the line, “Do you think there was a reason that the killer sodomized your husband with a banana? Stabler tries to reconnect with his teenage son whose best friend gets killed by a drug dealer.197. 23 A student pretends to be a cop and helps capture a rapist, but when he’s discovered the arrest is thrown out. 11 This must be the 15th time Benson’s been taken hostage, which seems a little ridiculous.

How did everyone in the squad room fail to notice a random kid in a uniform? Part of me wishes the writers would stop throwing her into traumatic situations, but the other part is like, “Hell yes, gimme all your over-the-top suspenseful madness, .”195. 16 Based on the Natalee Holloway disappearance, a teenager is found dead and sexually assaulted. When a boy’s heroin addiction prevents him from testifying against a therapist who’s assaulting girls (James Frain), Dr.

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Ending on a nice bloody note, the stalker’s girlfriend brutally murders him in the bathroom.154. 7 What do you do when your daughter has cystic fibrosis and you can’t pay her medical bills? That’s what Elizabeth Banks and Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s husband and wife do.

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