Rachel bilson and adam brody dating

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Rachel bilson and adam brody dating

Bilson relished the role of Summer (favourite expression: 'Eww!

When we meet, Bilson is excited to be back in Los Angeles, where she grew up.She has been in Toronto since the new year, and is happy to return to the Spanish-style home she shares with her silver-haired terrier, Thurman.Unlike her most famous character, Bilson's childhood was not spent amid the multi-millionaires of Orange County's Newport Beach (where The OC's trouble-in-paradise melodrama is set).But I'm here to talk to her about Jumper, a special-effects-heavy, big-budget action thriller about teleporting that is tipped to become a money-spinning trilogy à la The Bourne Identity.Bilson was busy shooting the final series of The OC when she received a text message from Doug Liman, the celebrated director of Swingers, The Bourne Identity and Mr and Mrs Smith.

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She has a very open relationship with her mother, Janice Stango, a sex therapist who, according to Bilson, instinctively knew when she lost her virginity: 'Oh, yeah. Weird, but helpful.'Bilson began her teenage years 'hanging out with probably not the best group of guys'. A shard of windscreen had cut open her head - she was left with a small scar beneath her hairline and she still suffers headaches and memory problems as a result.