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I don’t know anyone who doesn’t struggle from time to time.Lastly, interpersonal effectiveness is something we will all need until the day we die.The biosocial theory in DBT is not meant to blame parents and caregivers who are doing the best they can.

If you’re wired to feel things intensely, though, an invalidating environment creates a of high emotion coupled with inadequate support from parents and caregivers.

An invalidating environment is a family that regularly sent you the message – directly or indirectly – that there was something wrong with your emotions.

Or your emotions were ignored and you were expected to manage them alone.

This doesn’t have to translate into a life sentence of continual struggle with your emotions and impulses.

DBT can help you learn to regulate your emotions, curb harmful impulsive behaviors and create the life you want.

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Ideally, we will want to grow in our interpersonal effectiveness over time rather than stall out and stagnate, but that’s what I see many people do.