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A door will open and you move up and into the bookstore. Use the following dialogue options: “Don’t Give Name”, “Stammer It Out”, “Sincere”,“ Whatever”, “Challenge” “Scrutinize”, “Shrug”, “Made Ya Look”, “Fight Back” Congratulations!You’ve completed our Goosebumps – The Game Walkthrough!Go down, down, and down to return to the parking lot.Parking Lot It’s time to ask Chad for another ride.Search the toolbox to collect the Screwdriver, then open the closet. Give the Vise on the left of the workbench a turn before going left and back upstairs, then go up towards the dining room. Collect the Film on the right, then go down to the basement. Go back down to the Foyer, then Left to go onto the stairs.Dining Room There is an old woman here, but don’t strike up any conversation with her yet. Now hurry and go down until you make it back to the Kitchen. Den In the Den you will want to collect the Remote from the table, the Film from the left shelf, then look under that to get the Horses Book. Wait a minute, then use the Tongs to pick up the Photo Paper again. Laundry Room Take the Photo and put it into the Frame. From there make a left into the Foyer, then back up into the Dining Room. Use the following responses to make your way through the dialogue: “No Way”, “Apologize”, “Decline”, “Give Details”, “Change the Subject”, “Keep Talking”, “Continue”, “Let her Sleep”. There is a Blank Space over the painting of a body on the wall.You’re the only one who can put a stop to this nightmare, but if you feel like you are over your head in Monster Blood, this Goosebumps – The Game Walkthrough with it’s tips and tricks will help you get safely through the night.

Collect it before going down and then left to walk into the Woods.You may not be able to go in all directions on every screen. Not only can you use it to call your Mother and Brother, it can be used as a tip line. –Inventory Items are outlined in bold in the guide below.School Yard As Goosebumps – The Game starts, you will find yourself standing outside your school and missing a very important tool for any high school student: Your cellphone!Now, open the cabinet under the sink and collect the Dish Soap and Sponge from inside. Upstairs Bathroom Turn both the Sink and the Faucet on and then off to fog the room. Take the Hand Mirror from the top right drawer of the sink and open the Cupboard. In the hallway, open the closest right door with the Study Key and enter.When all this is done and you are looking inside the cabinet, use the Screwdriver on the screws. Study Use the Computer and select the Music option.

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” Then go right, up and right to go back to the Master Bedroom. Beast’s Clearing Give the Shrunken Head to the Beast.

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