Matt czuchry dating now

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Matt czuchry dating now

However, the two lovebirds say goodbye, again, in the "Fall" chapter after one last over-the-top reunion of the Life and Death Brigade.

And It's left unclear whether Logan will even come back into the picture if the child is his, given Rory's eye-opening discussion with her once-absentee father (David Sutcliffe) about Lorelai raising Rory on her own.

I had this job as a valet and during my worst audition ever, I stopped the audition mid-sentence, walked out of the room, walked back into the room, re-introduced myself to the entire group, started the audition again from the beginning, and then proceeded to completely tank my second attempt at the audition. Oh, good, here comes the waitress--I'm starving, and I'm definitely getting the__homemade s'mores__. OK, serious question: do you love Matt more as Logan on ?

But I love what I'm doing now: playing__Cary Agos on __? Before we go any further, you should know that every day I__use my i Pad to catch up on all of the major news stories happening around the world.__And I love dogs, but I can't stand__mice__.

I feel that Rory represents his true heart and soul and his love. Amy sent me just the material for Logan through all four of the chapters.

Logan has always had his feet in both of those worlds— his family obligations and his love for Rory. What I loved about “Fall” was that whole journey of the Life and Death Brigade and goodbye that Logan and Rory have.

But let's not neglect the gentlemen--specifically, one gentleman with such suave demeanor and classic good looks, they had to call him Cary: Matt Czuchry.

TIME caught up with Czuchry, who appeared on as Cary Agos between the time Logan graduated from Yale and romanced Rory in London, to talk about why Rory and Logan are back together, how Logan’s changed and the father of Rory’s baby.creator Amy Sherman-Palladino served up a series of shocks to fans when Netflix released its revival on Friday.The first: Rory was having an affair with her college beau, Logan, played by Matt Czuchry.In terms of what they mean specifically, I’ll leave that to Amy and Dan to say who the words relate to.And I’ll leave it to the fans to passionately discuss what it’s about.

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"The intention is to keep that open," Czuchry tells when asked about creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and executive producer Dan Palladino's ending for the four-part event.

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