Closed dating foods

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Closed dating foods

‘The cold temperature makes the plant cell vacuoles leak.The liquid contains phenolic compounds which react with an enzyme to form a brown substance called melanin.‘Cooling quickly is the key control to make sure it’s safe,’ says Dr Ackerley.Experts recommend turning down the thermostat by one degree if you’ve totally filled it. To prevent the cooling mechanism from working too hard and the fridge getting too cold, it’s advisable to keep a couple of jugs of water in the fridge to fill up space.Or you can turn the temperature setting up a notch.

The public voting period started on the 1 February 2017 and ended on 28 February 2017.

The content of the Public Award submissions is the sole responsibility of the submitting organisations and does not reflect the position of the REFRESH Project or the European Commission.

Hello, I am Ioana Man from Aiud, Romania, and this is how our project called in English “Zero Waste” came to be: With the help of Society for Responsible Consumption, I took part in a youth exchange-called “Think global, act Local” organized by Eufemia in Torino, Italy, and it is there I got the idea to of reducing food waste by giving it to the needy.

The Public Award winner joins two winners selected by the jury.

They have the opportunity to present their projects at the REFRESH Food Waste 2017 Conference on in Berlin.

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