Dating penguin lighter

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Dating penguin lighter

Here are the ten most common body-language clues that a woman gives out if she’s interested in taking it further with you. Preening is any motion that emphasizes attractiveness and is sort of a pseudo tidying-up of oneself.

She will smooth her hair, sit or stand straighter to emphasize her breasts or adjust her clothing.

The old saying that the eyes are the “windows to the soul” has a lot of merit. Prolonged eye contact can signal strong emotions and great interest in a subject – attraction or anger.

If a woman purposely maintains eye contact with you for what seems a bit too long, looks away and down, and then looks back at you, then she could be signaling her interest.

She flicks her head back to toss her hair over her shoulder. Raising an arm to smooth, twirl or play with her hair are variations.

This allows her to bring attention to her breasts, as well as expose her armpit which releases more pheromones into the air.

You may find this surprising, but a woman may dangle a shoe from her foot while her legs are crossed when she is attracted.

She may also, while standing or sitting with her foot on the floor, move her foot in and out of her shoe in an approximation of phallic penetration.

Another look of female interest is the side-ways glance. Often done with the head tipped down and slightly raised eyebrows, the eyes peep out to the side in what is both a shy and flirty way.

We all like to have our personal space, but a good indication of interest on her part is if she moves in closer to you and enters your zone.

We all want to get closer to those we desire, and this could indicate interest on her part.

It’s not unusual for a woman to signal her interest by what seems to be an accidental touch.

Wet lips and a mouth that is pouting and slightly open, may indicate her interest.

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And another woman may show all the signs, but just naturally be very outgoing and enjoy the fun of flirting – sort of “action without intent.” Be careful not to mistake friendliness and playfulness as attraction.

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