Dating site for amputees

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Dating site for amputees

Inside every robot that Barrett produces is a patented power-electronics module called the Puck®.There is one Puck for each motor inside Barrett’s WAM® arms and Barrett Hands™, and these Puck-driven robots are in operation in 18 countries across six continents.

When combined with its gear-free™ transmissions, these systems are in a league of their own.

"With continued investment and grants from organizations like MLSC and Mass Ventures, we can ensure that our Commonwealth remains a leader in the biotech sector through companies like Barrett Technology." Mass Life Sciences Center (MLSC), awarded Barrett a 0,000 grant through its Universal Partnership Program (UP), which promotes collaborations between top Massachusetts life-sciences companies and international partners.

The grant will support collaboration between Barrett and Sweden-based Sense Graphicsto develop engaging software that allows the user to feel 3D objects within an engaging game.

We provide unbiased assessments of technology or systems designed or recommended by other organizations—custom designed, as well as commercial-off-the-shelf.

### With the support of Barrett’s team, customers, and suppliers, Barrett has finished its best year ever with some amazing accomplishments.

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Under the Phase-II contract, Barrett and Draper will subject the Puck to several types of radiation including gamma/X-rays for general circuit degradation and high-speed particles, like energized protons, for latch-up single-event failures in key components like the power MOSFETs.

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