Dating elgin watches by serial number

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Dating elgin watches by serial number

George Robert Brown, second from left, confessed to the 1956 slaying of an East Gary beautician.

With Brown, from left, are Deputy Sheriff Eli Uzelac, Chief Deputy Sandor Singer and Deputy Nick Garapich. Route 6 in New Chicago.“I tried to kiss her and she resisted,” Brown, 25, told police in his confession. I choked her until she didn't moved.”Brown said he put the woman's body in a depression at the airport, covered it with rocks and cement, and returned later to toss tin cans on the grave.

Brown was sentenced to death, but he managed to escape the electric chair through appeals until 1972, when the U. Supreme Court ruled the death penalty unconstitutional.

Brown's sentence was then reduced to life in prison. He told a reporter he was born an only child in Madison, Indiana, in 1932.

Her body was found about a half-mile from where Grigonis was buried, at the opposite end of an airport runway.

He told a friend June 9, 1981, in a letter from jail: “I wish I had just one more chance at the punk who shot me. In 1983, he and five other prisoners escaped from the Pendleton Correctional Facility, then called the Indiana Reformatory. He broke his leg falling from the cell block roof during the escape and was immediately taken into custody.George Robert Brown — the Gary steel worker dubbed the “Dunes Slayer” — died a quiet death in state prison almost 40 years after he confessed to strangling two women near the old Triangle Airport in New Chicago. Brown confessed two days later to a second slaying.The former mental patient confessed to police April 29, 1957, he murdered 30-year-old Mildred Grigonis and then hastily buried the East Gary beautician in a shallow grave at the airport. Lana Brock, 16, disappeared a month after Grigonis while walking from her New Chicago home to Hobart to pay a utility bill.He had earlier that year participated in an attempted jail break, joining other inmates in sawing through several bars of a jail window using hacksaw blades. Hutchinson had also escaped several years before from a Kentucky prison.He was apprehended after police found him hiding under a bed in Hammond.

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The defendant turned the gun on one patrolman and pulled the trigger. The other patrolman then withdrew his gun and shot Hutchinson in the chest.

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