University washington gpss speed dating

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University washington gpss speed dating

I wore the Forerunner 10 over the course of a week.

Here's what I found: The Forerunner 10 is an adept device that tracks running and walking workouts.

[Best GPS Running Watches] The device, which doubles as a regular watch that tells the time and date, is a GPS-enabled fitness tracker that calculates your time, distance, calories burned and pace.

It also records your personal best time or speed, and will collect your average stats, which you can share with your friends online.

But, for less than 0, it's a good running watch for beginners or bargain hunters.

Design/comfort 7/10 The Forerunner 10 has a flexible rubber wristband, and it's easy to put on and take off.

I noticed that the GPS feature "gives up" if it takes too long to find a signal, which means you have to restart the search by pressing the button again.

However, in more suburban locations, or in open spaces, the Forerunner 10 was able to pick up a satellite signal within a minute or so.

The device is programmed to show the time and distance on one screen and the calories and pace on the next, but users can also customize their settings to show pace and distance at once, according to Garmin.(GPS signals have trouble detecting devices that are inside buildings.) Once the time and date are set, you can wear the device like a regular watch, and the battery should last up to five weeks.[Best Fitness Tracker Bands] However, when GPS is activated, the battery life will be shorter — just five hours, according to Garmin.The watch will save your last seven runs on the watch, which is handy if you want to quickly glance at your recent workout history.To keep track of all your workouts, you need to download Garmin Connect for free on your computer.

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The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.